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Dog Service vestDog Service vestDog Service vestDog Service vestDog Service vestDog Service vest

Dog Service vest

  • Brand: DogLemi
  • Style number: PD20025
  • 4 size: S M L XL
  • 2 colors: yellow orange
  • Material: bird eye mesh

Guaranteed night safety dog ​​vest, service dog work vest

Product Features / Features:
 1. The vest fabric is made of fluorescent mesh vest, which is also very eye-catching during the day. Breathable bird eye mesh is suitable for the four seasons;
 2. The whole piece of clothing is equipped with a reflective design, the ribbon part has three reflective strips, and two reflective fabrics on both sides of the back;
 3. With the Velcro "SERVICE DOG" slogan, it can be removed;
 4. Both a dog vest and a chest back. The clothes are equipped with a D-shaped buckle, which can be buckled on the dog leash, so you can go out; the back has a hand-designed design to control the naughty dog.
5.neckThe circumference and the chest circumference can be adjusted to fit more; the Japanese word buckle adjusts the size, and the buckle is fastened.
6. Can the working class only walk the dog at night? This piece of clothing guarantees the safety of dogs and dogs at a certain degree; the striking silver color is suitable for service dogs;

Guangzhou Dolemi Pet Products Co., Ltd.

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