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Cat Scratcher Half BallCat Scratcher Half BallCat Scratcher Half BallCat Scratcher Half BallCat Scratcher Half BallCat Scratcher Half Ball

Cat Scratcher Half Ball

  • Brand: DogLemi
  • Style number: DC01088
  • 1 size: U
  • 1 color: natural color
  • Material: Acrylic + Sisal
  • Specifications: 36*36*16
  • Weight: 908g

Suction cup, claw claw, cat toy

Product Features / Features:
1. The cat catches the ball using hemispherical acrylic material, which is hard and not easy to break; the outside is sisal, the hand-woven weave is firm, and it is durable;
2. With three powerful suction cups, fixed with wooden poles, strong and strong adsorption, can be fixed in smooth places, such as marble, glass, etc.;
3. With three screws, it can be fixed to any wall;
4. Cats like to climb high and grind their claws. The design combines the two characteristics of cats. When the cat climbs high, it can grind the claws and fully release the cat pressure to meet the daily claws. The design of the adsorption on the wall makes this larger cat catching the ball without occupying the indoor floor space, and the small apartment can also be used.

Guangzhou Dolemi Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Tel:+86 20 31075892

Contact Person:DogLemi


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