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Pet HarnessPet HarnessPet HarnessPet HarnessPet HarnessPet Harness

Pet Harness

  • Brand: DogLemi
  • Style number: TM0022
  • 4 sizes: S M L XL
  • 4 colors: red RED purple PURPLE black BLACK grey GREY
  • Material: nylon + IXPE foam + mesh

Explosion-proof vest style chest back cover

Product Features / Features:
1. Nylon fabric, durable and non-sticky, easy to clean;
2. The interior is filled with 5MM environmentally-friendly solid foam, which has the function of shockproof cushioning, which is soft and more comfortable;
3. Close to the skin part of the dog, using a breathable inner mesh cloth, the heat is not stuffy, the dog is cool and comfortable;
4. With plastic D buckle, you can hang pet cards to prevent loss;
5. Nylon webbing, durable, webbing and vests are added to the reflective design, and it is safer to walk during the rainy season at night;
6.D buckle can hook the dog's traction buckle, portable design supports close control dog
 7. Japanese word buckle supports neck and chest adjustment, which is more suitable for dogs; it is convenient and quick to use X-type reinforcement buckle;
 8.Focusing on the details, the webbing can be freely shuttled through the vest channel, and the reinforced straps are added between the webbing and the vest straps. Make this chest back sleeve more resistant to pulling, so that you can accompany your friends for a long time;

Guangzhou Dolemi Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Tel:+86 20 31075892

Contact Person:DogLemi


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