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Pet Hair FreePet Hair FreePet Hair FreePet Hair FreePet Hair FreePet Hair Free

Pet Hair Free

  • Brand: DogLemi
  • 1 size: U
  • Style number: PD60046
  • 1 color: blue
  • Material: brush cloth + nylon
  • Size: 10*12*1cm
  • Weight: 33g

Pattern pet triangle

Product Features / Features:
Function: daily hair cleaning hair removal artifact, easy to improve care, remove pet hair efficiency, simple and portable, strong brush cleaning ability
1. The surface of the hair removal brush is a brush cloth, which is a special hair-clearing cloth, which has strong ability to remove hair;
2. The back is nylon cloth, dry and non-sticky;
3. Can be used for cleaning the pet hair in the home, in the car, on the clothes, etc.
3. Use red fashion doglemi elastic band to fix, close to the palm, flexible cleaning;
4. A set of two sets to improve the efficiency of cleaning, use two rubbing to clean the hair on the brush, self-cleaning ability;

Guangzhou Dolemi Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Tel:+86 20 31075892

Contact Person:DogLemi


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