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Mesh Pet BackpackMesh Pet BackpackMesh Pet BackpackMesh Pet BackpackMesh Pet BackpackMesh Pet Backpack

Mesh Pet Backpack

  • Brand: DogLemi
  • Style number: PD30010
  • 2 size: M L
  • 5 colors: blue light gray pink black dark gray
  • Material: Oxford cloth + nylon cloth + mesh
  • Weight: M: 0.225KG L: 0.267KG

Breathable mesh pet backpack

Product Features / Features:
1. The material is made of breathable mesh cloth, the material is compact, wear-resistant and durable;
2. The back of the backpack and the shoulder strap use the pearl cotton piece to relieve the shoulder pressure, and the travel is not tired;
3. In the pet's neck position, add a pearl cotton stick design, not tired of pet neck, side Velcro can adjust the size of the neck;
4. The side zipper is fixed for design, easy to wear, and easy to travel with a light pull;
5. With a safety rope buckle design, it can hold the pet's collar and be safer;
6. The buckle adjusts the position of the shoulder strap, and the wearing method can be selected according to preferences;

Guangzhou Dolemi Pet Products Co., Ltd.

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