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Is it suitable for a single family to raise a cat?

DogLemi 2018-12-21 10:43:21

Lead: According to statistics, a single family living in the city has 50% of the living house is a rented single room, a person living alone, you can consider raising a pet to accompany yourself, then the cat as the most common pet One, is it suitable for a single family to raise a cat? Welcome to leave a message.

What do you need to raise a cat?


The space needed to raise a cat is not too big, as long as a cat litter, a cat cage, a mao cat litter, a cat toy, and a bowl for eating and drinking are the simplest cat configurations. Of course, friends with different needs can configure different equipment according to their own situation.


Cats don't need to go out every day like a dog. Cats don't need to go out every day. It only takes 10-15 minutes a day to play with them. Cats need to sleep a lot of time every day. When you go out to work, it is estimated that the cat is still asleep, so you don't have to worry about the cat's lack of companionship. When you come back every day, stay with your baby, don't worry that cats will affect your life.

Economic strength

Raising a cat requires vaccinating it, preparing cat food and cat litter, preparing toys for it, bathing and cutting nails every week, and seeing a doctor if you are sick. It seems that the cost is not small. In fact, in addition to the three-year vaccine in the first year, the cat will only need to take a vaccine every year. Cat toys and cat shower gels can be used for a long time, the most expensive is cat litter and cat food. According to their respective economic strengths, the choice of different and cat food, the average monthly cost of the cat is only 300 yuan. Of course, it will cost more when the cat is sick and needs to sterilize the cat.

What can cat bring to you?

Come back every day from work, no matter how late, whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, there is a small partner waiting for you to get off work. Secondly, no matter what your mood is, no matter what difficulties you encounter, there is always a partner to accompany you and never give up.

After raising a cat, the family will add a lot of laughter and laughter. It’s unbeatable to think about the happiness of the cat.
A proud and grindy cat, you deserve it~

Sticky cats can lift your loneliness, can eliminate your troubles, and can bring you more happiness; to raise a cat at least need to consider the above questions, specifically do not choose cats, according to personal circumstances consider carefully. A cat's life is only one-fifth of that of a person. Most of its time is spent with you. It is absolutely impossible to give up a cat. You can't give up the cat easily. You must be responsible for the cat.

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