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Multifunctional pet cat bagMultifunctional pet cat bagMultifunctional pet cat bagMultifunctional pet cat bagMultifunctional pet cat bag

Multifunctional pet cat bag

  • Brand: DogLemi
  • Style number: PC60039
  • 1 size: U
  • 1 color: blue
  • Material: Oxford cloth + PVC

Multifunctional cat bag

Product Features:

1. Multi functional , can use for daily grooming or vet tool or travel bag for outdoor .

2. Material : Durable oxford fabric and Breathable with mesh ,  the bag is resistant to scratch and bite.

3. Flexible neck size :  neck size can be adjustable with slider to fit different sizes of cats

4. Zippers included for pulling out your cat's hands and legs for nail trimming

5. Portable , with handle for easy handling or you can travel with your cat in this bag

6.  Safe: the bag can prevent your cats to scratch and bite and can protect you from injuring by them to let you feel safe during the grooming of cats and increase the 

7. Ideal grooming bag for pet hospital or daily grooming care ,
   such as cat bathing, nail clipping, ear pulling, medicine, injection, etc.

Guangzhou Dolemi Pet Products Co., Ltd.

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