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Alpinia Oxyphylla MatAlpinia Oxyphylla MatAlpinia Oxyphylla MatAlpinia Oxyphylla MatAlpinia Oxyphylla Mat

Alpinia Oxyphylla Mat

  • Brand: DogLemi
  • Style number: PD50048
  • 1 size: U
  • 1 color: main body: beige, petals: beige/green purple/orange blue
  • Material: felt cloth
  • Size: 61*61CM
  • Packing size: main body: 18*28*5CM petal: 32*32*4CM

DIY snuffling mat

1. Water resistant durable oxford fabric with anti-slip bottom
2. with silicone licking pad in the middle , removable for washing . you can put wet food or nuts on this licking pad to train your dog with slow eating
3. with suction cup in the licking pad , which can fix on the smooth floor . can use as daily dog feeding mat too .
4. The mat can be used as a dog food plate mat, the dog in the middle licks and sticks to the fixed floor, which is not easy to be moved.
5.  3 different difficulty options of flowers mats for selection to fullfill a complete snuffling mat for your dog.  Need to buy separately .

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