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Newfashioned Dog JacketNewfashioned Dog JacketNewfashioned Dog JacketNewfashioned Dog JacketNewfashioned Dog JacketNewfashioned Dog Jacket

Newfashioned Dog Jacket

  • Brand: DogLemi
  • Item No : PD10034
  • 7 size: S M L XL XXL XXXL
  • 6 colors: blue, red, purple, black
  • Material: nylon cloth + fleece

Waterproof warm sports dog clothes

Product Features / Features:
1. The fabric is nylon cloth, which is dry and easy to handle. After the waterproof process, it can also walk the dog in the rainy days in winter;
2. The lining is fleece, soft and skin-friendly, and the inner layer is thickened with cotton to give the pet a thicker warmth;
3. The collar is protected by cotton wool, thick and long velvet, warm and cold in winter;
4. The back is a waterproof zipper, and the long zipper in the middle is suitable for all traction methods; the inside of the zipper is used to handle the zipper without hurting the pet's fur, giving him the most intimate love.
5. The back collar has added a reflective design, which is more fashionable and ensures the safety of pets at night;
6. Quickly fix with the buckle, the invisible design of the buckle and the design of the webbing loop make the sports clothes more simple and fashionable;
7. The leg has a strong elastic design, fits into the dog's legs, and the clothes are more close!
8. Winter dog walking, shopping, hiking, this thick sports clothes help you pets to drive away the cold!

Guangzhou Dolemi Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Tel:+86 20 31075892

Contact Person:DogLemi


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