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Dog Snack DummyDog Snack DummyDog Snack DummyDog Snack DummyDog Snack Dummy

Dog Snack Dummy

  • Brand: Doglemi
  • Style number: PD60037
  • 1 color: green powder
  • Material: fluorescent Oxford cloth
  • Size: 24.5*7.5*7.5

A snack toy bag that can train pets

Product Features / Features:
1. The fabric uses fluorescent oxford cloth, which is wear-resistant and bite-resistant. It is very durable.
2. Use reflective pp webbing, which can be fastened to your hand and easy to carry. The color is conspicuous and the dog is safer to play!
3. Filled with two layers of thickened spray cotton to enhance the bite tolerance and make it more durable
4. The snack pack is equipped with a black waterproof and easy-to-wash nylon cloth to ensure that the snacks in the bag are not wetted while the dog bites.
5.A compartment treatment is designed at the zipper to prevent the dog from pulling the zipper while biting the snack pack.
6.While playing with the dog, you can train a snack pack that loves pets.

Guangzhou Dolemi Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Tel:+86 20 31075892

Contact Person:DogLemi


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